Alaskan Pumpkin Porter
A native plant of North America, pumpkins were first used in beer in colonial America as a substitute for hard-to-find malt, and none other than the father of our country George Washington had a highly touted recipe. This imperial porter pumpkin beer combines the robust, full-bodied style of a porter with a, frankly, crazy amount of pumpkin.

With over 11 pounds of pumpkin added to every barrel of this imperial porter, this beer has a smooth, velvety rich texture. Brown sugar, holiday spices and a scoche of Alaskan’s famous alder-smoked malt are added to create an aroma and flavor reminiscent of grandma’s Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.

This is the first bottling of our Alaskan Pumpkin Porter, after a highly sought-after holiday Rough Draft release in Alaska. This Alaskan Brewing take on a colonial American tradition is perfect for autumn and Thanksgiving, as here in Alaska we see the nights get longer and colder and can find comfort in the richness of this brew.

Alaskan Pumpkin Porter is made from our glacier-fed water and a blend of Magnum and Goldings hops, 6 different malts including Alaskan alder-smoked malt, brown sugar, and a spice blend including cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Plus, of course, Red Hubbard variety pumpkin.
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Juneau, AK 7.0% ABV
(est. 1939)