Bent Paddle  Mosiac Dry Hopped Kanu

The “Weekend Warrior”, the “Tin Tank” the “Camp Classic”- most canoeists experienced their first paddle in an aluminum canoe. They are perfect for the beginner - rugged, stable and not to mention glaringly bright! Kanu Session Pale Ale pays homage to that nostalgic entry point into paddling life. Brilliant hop expression with a structural malt “hull”, this Session Pale is designed to accompany your journey. Grab a 12’er and climb aboard our craft!‚Äč

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Duluth, MN 4.8% ABV

 Bent Paddle Harness IPA

Harness IPA celebrates the tethered teamwork and balance that typifies the deployment of a harness. Brewed to be bold and flavorful, Harness IPA supports an enormous hop load with an anchored malt bill of oats, rye and malted barley. Climbing gear is not necessary to enjoy this beer!


• ABV: 7.2% 

• IBU: 87

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Duluth, MN 7.2% ABV
(est. 1939)