Sociable Freewheeler

Dry Apple Cider

The freewheeled bicycle is a mainstay of the Minneapolis urban cycling scene.  Similarly so, Freewheeler is the mainstay of our lineup.  Inspired by the freewheel bike's simple and laid back take on urban transport, we've created a simple dry apple beverage that is a welcome change of pace within Minneapolis' excellent craft beer scene.   


Freewheeler is the product in our lineup most like a traditional European cider.  The light, crisp, and effervescent character is reminiscent of a sparkling wine, Prosecco or Champagne.  Freewheeler is crafted using a blend of Haralson, Honeycrisp, and SweeTango® apples that provide a tart but subtle apple flavor that is never sticky or overtly sweet.  Finally a touch of brewed cane sorghum and Willamette hops adds body, structure and a hint of earthen aroma.  This 5.8% ABV product is never too sweet or filling...the perfect start to any night.  Go ahead and be a freewheeler!

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Minneapolis, MN 5.8% ABV

(est. 1939)