Summit ESB w/ Earl Grey Tea: 




Appearance: Reddish copper (Away Team Red)


Malt: Profile will be toasty sweet flavor with distinct notes of bread, a slight nuttiness, and hints of honey.


Hops: Hop profile will be present, but not overwhelming to allow for the tea to come through. Fuggle and Aurora hops provide a pleasant woody and herbal flavor. Target and Challenger hops add moderate bitterness associated with English ales, along with subtle citrus/fruity tones. Admire hops add to the citrus and herbal profile of this beer.


Tea: The Early Grey Tea provides a noticeable citrus aroma of orange peel. The flavor provided is bright and that of orange, along with an herbal aftertaste.


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St Paul, MN 5.3% ABV
(est. 1939)