Third Street Rise Above Cream Ale 


We rose to the top, but we're not done yet. We're three years old. Yup. Three. We're brewers not bakers, so to celebrate our Golden Birthday instead of cake we took our full-flavor cream ale, gave it a pair of steel-toed hikers, and packed it into a bomber. Rise Above is a two-fisted, buckle up brew that tastes great no matter where the trail leads you. This beer has a slightly fruity flavor and aroma. Cake? No thanks. We don't make wishes - we make things happen. Enough talk. Cheers to what's next!


• Best Paired With: Chicken, salads, salmon, roast beef, crab cakes, roast turkey, spicy Cajun food, Monterey cheddar cheese, non-chocolate desserts.

• Color: Pale Straw

• ABV: 8.6%

• IBUS: 25

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Coldspring, MN 8.6% ABV
(est. 1939)